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Road Safety Educators, Australia has invested over seven years into researching and developing the Novice Driver Curriculum. Using European research that tracked 13,000 novice drivers over a seven-year period, we developed the program in 3 groups .1- Novice driver curriculum as the syllabus, 2-coaching as the delivery methodology and 3-educators to deliver it. We have bridged the gap between theory and practice. This gives them the awareness and responsibility to make educated safe driving decisions well before they start solo driving and then continue this process whilst licensed. Students are often taken out of the car to observe and analyze live processes that most drivers never master, in areas such as vehicle body language, gap selection processes for safe interaction with traffic streams, and every other process that makes driving safe. The knowledge they acquire through this process lays the Foundation for safe driving throughout their lives. Factors such as personal risk taking, training methodology, learning style, environmental risk, distractions, vehicle dynamics, road law, continuous calibration, eco driving, risk management, interaction with other road users and the driving environment, have all been built into the curriculum.

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