BPW Geelong - Focus on money and make it work harder for you

Want to take time out to focus on your money and make it work harder for you? 

Join us for a free half day workshop designed to give you the information and the support you need to start managing your money better.

The workshop will:

  • Give you an understanding of the basic asset classes - cash, shares, property
  • Give you an overview of reducing risk, diversification, and dollar cost averaging
  • Provide ways to build your financial nest egg
  • Allow you to document clear life and financial goals and work on a practical, personal long term plan and action chart for the next 12 months
  • Provide you with the tools to lay solid financial foundations: learn how managing your long term saving and investing can help you achieve what you want to do in your life
  • Help you understand where you can go for more information  and further development

Support from qualified financial experts
Local experts will give you guidance on money matters and how they can help you, as well as be on hand to answer your specific questions.

  • Sharon Johnston, Education Manager, HESTA, VIC Regional
  • Casey Kropman, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ®, Nixon Financial Services
  • Darrin Findlay, Branch Manager, Rabobank Ballarat
  • Bronwen Charleson, Principal, Coulter Roache Lawyers
  • Kerry Turnbull, Accountant, ProAdvice Accounting Services
  • Andrew Dunbabin, Director and Head Accountant, ProAdvice Accounting Services

Who should attend?
You might be a small–medium business owner/partner, an employee, a stay at home mum.  You might work in agribusiness, commercial, retail, tourism, health and community services or government.  You might work part time, downsizing and thinking ahead to retirement.  This workshop is for any woman who wants to improve her money management.

We encourage our members and friends to take advantage of this event. 


Tuesday, 6 October, 2015 - 09:30 to 15:30
Simonds Stadium, AP South Room

Further Information

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