Contact Officer Training

A user-friendly internal complaints system is the best way for your business to prevent issues of harassment and bullying from escalating into costly external legal processes. And it is more likely to be used, and succeed, if staff can initially speak informally to a 'contact officer' - someone who can explain their choices in addressing their issues of concern. The contact officer's primary role is to help the staff member resolve their issue for themselves, not to investigate complaints or resolve problems. If that fails to manage the situation, however, the contact officer can help the staff member to explore other options, which may include issue resolution or to formalise a complaint. A contact officer must also promote their role actively, to ensure all staff members know the opportunity exists to discuss issues of concern confidentially. With an emphasis on practical skill building, this program will enable your contact officers to successfully implement their role and actively contribute to your organisation's commitment to a respectful, equal opportunity workplace.

Who should attend?

Staff members at any level in any organisation, who have been selected to provide colleagues with an avenue to discuss issues of concern relating to claims of unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment and/or bullying complaints. -

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Tuesday, 31 March, 2015 - 09:00 to 16:30
Mercure Geelong, Cnr Gheringhap & Myers Street, Geelong
$450 for VECCi members, $540 for non members

Further Information

03 8662 5333