* Event Cancelled - Getting paid in the building and construction industry

Are you a small operator in the building and construction industry? Are overdue payments compromising your business and stressing you out? It is possible to take back control.

Many business owners don’t like asking for money owed but getting paid is all about thinking like a business. It is not enough to just do the work or make the sale, running a business is also about collecting payment.

A key cause of insolvency for small operators in the building and construction industry can be linked back to poor financial control and poor record keeping.


This short workshop is relevant for anyone in the building industry that struggles to get paid, can’t seem to get on top of cash flow, loses track of paperwork or feels that they are just not getting what they deserve.


 Get a clear picture of how much profit you are making in your business

 Implement simple business systems and financial records to reduce overdue payments

 Identify your cash conversion cycle and use it to help you plan

 Invoice well and improve payment collection times

 Negotiate disputes with the best chance of successful resolution

Monday, 18 September, 2017 -
16:00 to 18:00
The Gordon East Geelong Campus (Building G), Boundary Road, East Geelong

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