Feng Shui for good fortune

Join us as Master Janene Laird shares her tips on the importance of living and working in an abundant, harmonious environment.

Your environment is a direct representation of you. If you are finding that you are being challenged at every turn, the energy in your home and or work environment is very likely to be out of balance - Feng Shui will help!? Feng Shui is not a religion, nor is it magic, it is an ancient Chinese art of understanding the universe and its laws in order to bring happiness and success in all areas of ones life.

By balancing the energies in your environment, Feng Shui can help enhance your inner peace and harmony, improve health and relationships and encourage you to be more open to receiving abundance and good fortune.

Master Janene Laird is the principle consultant and founder of Shen Chi, an Australian based professional Feng Shui Consultancy.  She comes from a background in education and combines a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Teaching with nearly two decades of study, practice and experience in the Feng Shui industry.

Tuesday, 8 August, 2017 - 17:30 to 20:30
The National Hotel, 191 Moorabool Street, Geelong
$45 Non-member $38 BPW Members

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