Geelong CitySwitch Energy Efficiency Training Workshop

This is an invitation to a FREE Geelong CitySwitch Energy Efficiency Training Workshop for you and any office clients, on Tuesday 24th February, 8.00-11.30am

CitySwitch is pleased to invite Geelong office-based businesses to a specialised training session in Geelong, to learn practical ways to reduce office energy use. The training will be presented by award winning environmental consulting and training provider, Green Steps. Green Steps equips people within each organisation they work with to drive change from the inside and play their part in a more sustainable future at work and beyond.

The workshop will cover

  • How to run a basic energy audit to measure and understand current energy use in the office
  • A range of energy saving opportunities for your organisation
  • How to engage colleagues to save energy
This will be a practical event, providing key best practice skills in energy efficiency and inviting participants to become CitySwitch program signatories.

CitySwitch signatories receive a free energy audit and ‘green office action plan’. Future Proofing Geelong then provides a free service to the business to implement actions of their choice.


Please RSVP by 17 February to: Jeff Elliott  


Tuesday, 24 February, 2015 - 08:00 to 11:30
TAC Building, 60 Brougham Street, Geelong

Further Information

CitySwitch Green Office, Future Proofing Geelong and TAC