Geelong High Speed Broadband: Discussion Forum

ICT Geelong is inviting key stakeholders in the Geelong marketplace representing major business groups and organisations to a roundtable discussion on "Developing Geelong Broadband Infrastructure". The purpose of the discussion is to evaluate different Broadband options and measure the level of interest in High Bandwidth Symmetric Internet Services.

This would also enable ICT Geelong to quantify the demand for broadband services through a community service demand survey. The discussion will cover the following topics:What is the current status of high-speed internet in Geelong

  • What are the issues, problems and loss of opportunity
  • Market Analysis and Market Potential
  • Cost of proposals
  • Next Steps

For any queries, please contact:

Aamir Qutub

General Manager, ICT Geelong.


Mobile: 0468688118

Tuesday, 8 September, 2015 - 10:15
Deakin University, Waterfront Campus, Geelong

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