Get pragmatic about your online security

There are 2 types of businesses: those who’ve been hacked and know it, and those who’ve been hacked and don’t know it. 

More than ever, a business relies on its connectivity to online, and its data assets. But how do you make sure that these key elements of your business – whether physical or cloud – are protected from the increasing number of scams and viruses?

Learn what can (and can’t) be protected, how to secure and protect it with a pragmatic security approach, and what to do if it all goes bad, at this informative breakfast.

About our presenters:

Cameron McBurnie from Xtreme Technology and Steven Kintakas, Senior Technical Specialist, Security Technical Services, Fujitsu Australia Limited work with businesses on a daily basis to both prevent and clean up after online breaches to sensitive data and technology.


If you need to know more, please contact Liz Grant at Small Business Smart Business on

Thursday, 7 April, 2016 - 07:15 to 09:00
Geelong Conference Centre, Adams Court, Eastern Gardens, East Geelong
$15 includes breakfast

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