The Greatness Principle Program

How do you build a support network? Who do you bring in close?
Who do you trust and how much do you share?

Successful leaders in business and life have circles of support. They have frienships, connections and alliances that support them personally, socially and professionally. They dont rely on just one or two people to 'be their everything' for them. They share the burden and seek imput from a proven trusted group of people that have clearly demonstrated they have the leader's best interests at heart.
Who supports you to be great, to be effective and generate results?
Who do you lean on... and how many of them have your best interests at heart?
Are you relying on a limited select group of people
Are you doing everything on your own at the moment- just getting on with things the best way you can, knowing it's not effective?
What if there was a simple strategy on how to identify your support systems and to know how to select the right, trustworthy people into your world so you could start to get better results in your life, career and business? Well there is.... read on !
The Greatness Principle is a simple system for leaders to identify who the right people are to support them and take themselves to the next level of success FAST. This 2 Day event + 8 weeks live coaching program enables people to get clear on their goals/targets, identify who they have allowed to support them and what and who they need to move ahead.

 Two full days of greatness coaching with Jen Harwood, founder of The Greatness Principle and an award winning business coach who has personally coached over 1100 leaders in business.
 You will learn how the Greatness Principle works and how to apply it to your business, career & life.
 You will create the vision for the areas YOU want greatness in - without 'others' opinions or comments.
 You will be able to identify who the Great8 are for each area of your life.
 Over the 2 days and following 8 weeks you will create strategies and actually IMPLEMENT them!
 You will learn how to STOP people draining your time and energy as well as stop them sucking the energy and optimism from you. You will get power, drive and motivation to create your future even more than before.
 You will become a lot savvier on understanding other people's agendas and how to keep yours the priority.
 You will get better at asking for, receiving and giving support to and from others.
 You will form connections with other like-minded business people committed to building a greatness
 You ALSO get 8 weekly live group coaching calls with Jen and the other participants for the following 8 weeks. This will anchor in the distinctions of the weekend and learning from the program into your business, career & life.

Investment: $990 - Only 40 places – Secure your spot. Payment Plans available

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Friday, 3 July, 2015 - 09:30 to Saturday, 4 July, 2015 - 17:00
Geelong Conference Centre, Adams Court, Eastern Park Gardens

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