Innovation for Business - learn how to work on your business rather than in your busness

What is innovation for your business?

Business improvement is evolution – Innovation is revolution. Improvement……improves, whilst innovation differentiates! Both are important to your business and your journey

This workshop presented by Scott Brown, business strategist, will take you through the steps to examine your business from the outside looking in. Most business owners look at their business and make decisions from within the business and do not examine the two perspectives.

Learning the skills to look at your business from the outside gives a great perspective on the requirements for your business. There is real power in holding both these perspectives in business. Working continuously and developing informed thinking and planning and utilising the skills for execution of planning, implementation and growth.

For 35 years, Scott Brown has built his own companies across more than 8 different sectors, on national and global stages. He has invented entire sectors. He has run companies ranging from a global fortune 500 subsidiary, through corporate, to small and medium enterprises, Non-profit, and NGO, to start-ups and early-stage growth entities. He is also an investor, professional mentor and sits on several boards.

His workshop will show you what both perspectives look like, and through real, practical, pragmatic examples, show you how to apply them to your own business.

Every business needs to examine their business from both perspectives. Whether it is innovation or evolution your business will continue to evolve in the fast passed changing world of today. Don't miss your opportunity to attend this workshop and learn the skills to review your business and remain relevant in todays world.

Note: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to workshop start time to have a coffee and network with other businesses.

Thursday, 15 March, 2018 - 18:00 to 20:00
Small Business Hive, 108 gheringhap st, geelong

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