Leadership - making it happen

Do you lead a work or project team?

Would you like to consistently get more done and achieve better results?

Knowing leadership theory is one thing, but turning this into action to achieve great results is often a different story. What is it that makes the difference between average leaders and great leaders?

In this interactive workshop, learn more about making some simple adjustments to your work habits to consistently get more done and achieve better results.

This workshop is based on Leadership Management Australia's proven process for achieving meaningful change in workplace results through improved leadership and productivity.

You will leave this workshop armed with your Personal Productivity Plan to assist you to find balance in your own work and energise your team to achieve more!

GMC has been running the Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Program for the past 3 years and offers this session as another avenue to give your Leadership Skills a boost!

Thursday, 20 November, 2014 - 07:45 to 11:00
Geelong Conference Centre, Eastern Park Gardens
FREE to GMC/ENG members, $40 for non members

Further Information

Geelong Manufacturing Council, Geelong Manufacturing Excellence Network and State Government
Robyn Nagle or Jenny Perks
5222 8000