The Science of Capturing your Audience

Thanks to technology, we have easy access to copious amounts of information, but that leads to information overload and makes it harder for any business to get noticed and stand out. But getting noticed is absolutely the first step to getting leads and ultimately getting new business.

DISCOVER 7 techniques guaranteed to help you capture and retain the attention of your customers and potential customers. FIND OUT how and why the mind pays attention to some events or people - and not others.

The Presenter: Jurgen Struass - Innovabiz

Chief Innovator and Founder of InnovaBiz Pty Ltd., Jurgen helps smart businesses who want to get more from the internet, transform their online presence into a business generating machine that works EVEN when they are not working. Host of the InnovaBuzz podcast and specialist in innovative website development and marketing, online maketing strategies, mind-mapping, project management and lead generation strategies.

Wednesday, 25 November, 2015 - 15:00 to 17:00
Geelong City Hall, via Little Malop Street, Geelong
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