Supercharge Your Productivity

In this ground breaking workshop you will leverage from the synergy of three experts in technology, business design and peak performance mindset, to multiply your business productivity.

What you will get on the night:

  • how to control your focus
  • how to think calmly under pressure
  • how to process stress and turn it into a tool
  • how to inspire and motivate others
  • learn a power tool for emotional resilience
  • learn how to put your brain in the creative wave state
  • define productivity and what it means to you and the business
  • how to set productivity Goals and build an Action plan
  • how to implement the productivity strategy and have your whole team on board.
  • build systems to measure and maintain high levels of productivity
  • understand the differences between computer technologies
  • learn the power of appropriate software
  • get the very best out of the technology you are using
  • leave with information to improve your productivity


           a 1 to 1 followup session with your choice of the 3 presenters.

For BOOKINGS:                   


Thursday, 14 July, 2016 - 17:30 to 19:30
Skilled Stadium-Alex Popescu Room
$45.00 per person

Further Information

Jonathan Harris
0417 336 621