Geelong Small Business Festival

In 2016 Enterprise Geelong delivered its 6th Geelong Small Business Festival, 1-31 August.  The festival celebrates the importance of Geelong's many small-to-medium enterprises by providing a range of practical advice and information for their business.  The festival is part of the Victorian Government's Small Business Festival Victoria. Geelong's Festival attracted 2,220 attendees who attended one or more of the 45 events on offer during the month.  Key features of the festival included a major networking event hosted by Enterprise Geelong "When it's right to be wrong" with advertising executive Russel Howcroft and a feature event by the Victorian Government, "Riding the Digital wave" dinner with futurist Chris Riddell.

The business community continues to support the Festival with high attendance rates.  There are a lot of business events that are held in Geelong all year round, however the Small Business Festival stands alone as a truly collaborative effort from State Government, Local Government, government agencies, organisations and small business operators who host the events. 

The Festival provides a positive environment for businesses to network, learn and ultimately run a successful business.

Enterprise Geelong will have a dedicated website page from June 2017 that will list the events details for the region.

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