The GREP is strategically located to Geelong’s north and only 40 minutes drive via the Princes Freeway to Melbourne’s central business district. GREP offers seamless connections to markets across Victoria, Australia and around the world.


Geelong is well connected to other major cities by a network of national and state highways and major roads.

The GREP provides ready access to Melbourne (40 minutes) via the Princes Freeway. The Western Ring Road (35 minutes) links the Princes Freeway to the Tullamarine (Calder) Freeway and Hume Freeway (to Sydney) creating a road link free of traffic lights between the GREP and Sydney New South Wales.

The Geelong Ring Road which runs adjacent to the GREP also connects to the Princes Freeway West to Colac, the Midland Highway to Ballarat and the Hamilton Highway and beyond into Victoria’s rich agricultural centres to the north and west and across the border into South Australia.

Heavy transport vehicles such as B Doubles and A Doubles can access the GREP.


Standard and broad gauge rail lines run directly past the GREP.

A private rail spur previously operated into the precinct. With the rail reserve preserved the option of re-establishing this rail spur is possible.

North Geelong is a major rail freight hub allowing goods – ranging from bulk shipments to parcels – to be widely and efficiently distributed within Victoria and interstate. Many Geelong firms take advantage of this distribution channel to reach their markets.

The State Government is consiering new standard gauge rail links from Geelong to Mildura.  If this project proceeds a viable connection can be made to the Perth interstate rail line including Darwin.


The Port of Geelong, a dedicated bulk handling facility, is located six kilometres from the GREP. The Port of Geelong is Australia’s sixth largest facility handling over 12 million tonnes of trade per annum. The Port is privately owned and operated.

The Port of Melbourne, one of Australia’s busiest container shipment facilities, is located to the City’s west and only 40 minutes from the GREP. The Port of Melbourne offers state-of-the-art facilities and product can be containerised in around 50 minutes.


Avalon Airport is 12 kilometres north of the GREP via the Princes Freeway and is Victoria's second airport.

The Airport, owned and operated by the Linfox Group, is located 50 kilometres from Melbourne and 20 kilometres from Geelong.

The Airport is situated on 1,840 hectares of land. It includes 55,000 square metres of hangar accommodation, a runway capable of landing A380's and other large aircraft, is curfew free and has a passenger terminal capable of handling over 2 million passengers a year.

The Airport offers ready access to the Australian markets with daily flights to Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Avalon offers first port of entry rights (Australian Customs and Quarantine), air traffic is light and weather conditions favourable.

The Airport also plays host to the Avalon International airshow that shows civil and military aviation hardware and aerospace technology as an international centerpiece every two years.