Enterprise Geelong - Our first year

Enterprise Geelong was established by the City of Greater Geelong in March 2013 as a dedicated resource for Council’s economic development initiatives.

The Unit was charged with actively pursuing opportunities for the community and delivering a new approach to business development, jobs growth and investment for the City. An Executive Director was appointed in August 2013 and a formal launch hosted in May 2014.

What we do

Enterprise Geelong is the point of entry for businesses seeking to establish, grow or invest locally. We make doing business easy through positive leadership, collaboration and innovation.

Our role is to:

  • Attract Investment
  • Support Local Business
  • Drive Economic Growth

In 2014 Enterprise Geelong has delivered a range of new marketing and communication tools that work alongside the City of Greater Geelong’s other communication platforms.

Enterprise Geelong 1 year review PDF

Enterprise Geelong 1 year review Word Doc