Enterprise Geelong partners with Localised

Localised has partnered with GROW to deliver a centralised local supplier portal that makes it easy for businesses to discover and connect with local suppliers across the G21 region.

In June 2016 GROW released the report "Procuring to Drive G21's Regional Economy". From this report they made a number of recommendations to support implementation of the GROW Regional Action Plan, one of which was to leverage off the Enterprise Geelong Business Register and to build off the Pundit Connect (now Localised) platform to deliver a single supplier portal for the region.

Localised will deliver actions creating a single searchable respository of local businesses across the Region:


1. Create visibility of suppliers of goods and services across Geelong and the G21 economy; and

2. Make it easy for buyers of goods and services to search, connect and engage with local suppliers

The GROW report states "Over $17 billion is being spent each year by business, government and the not-for profit sector in the Geelong and greater G21 Region, yet less than half of this money is being spent on local suppliers. Even a relatively small amount of change in the way the region procures its goods, services and works can have a significant impact on the regional economy and job creation"

Shifting only 7% of the regional spend to local procurement will bring an additional $1 billion to the regional economy AND create 2,500 jobs.

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