Land400 Project Update

Land 400 is a $20billion project to provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with world class armoured fighting capability.  The Project, identified in the Australian Defence Form (ADF) Defence Capability Plan, includes a design and manufacture program ($10billion) and sustainment (maintenance) program ($10billion).  It is the largest program of its type in the world.

Geelong is campaigning for this capability to be delivered not only within Australia but more specifically in Geelong.

Geelong is a logical location to host this new national defence capability given our industry capability networks, workforce skills, research and development assets and appropriately zoned sites and land assets.

Key stakeholders leading advocacy for Land 400 are:

  • Enterprise Geelong
  • Avalon Airport
  • The Geelong Chamber of Commerce
  • The Geelong Manufacturing Council
  • The Committee for Geelong
  • Deakin University
  • G21 Regional Alliance
  • Australian Combat Vehicle Consortium (ACVC)

There is strong commitment from key local stakeholders and the Victorian Government for Geelong to become the Land 400 hub for Australia.

Securing Land 400 will require a long term commitment. A five point plan has been developed to drive activities to realise our goal.

Download the 4MG Land400 Brochure