Sites, Land or Premises

Whether you are interested in manufacturing, agriculture, tourism or many of the other industries we represent, you will find Geelong offers a unique mix of location, services and lifestyle and is ready to facilitate investment from existing and future businesses.

Testimonial from Little Creatures (Wholly owned subsidiary of Lion Nathan Group)

"Nic and I had a plan to develop the national market from a production base on the east coast which would allow logistical efficiency and lower the transport footprint.

Finding a site, a building that fitted our values, branding, and had the technical requirements we needed was no easy task.

The Economic Development Department, did a great job in assisting us.

They spent significant time understanding our business and what sort of property we were seeking.

With great local knowledge of sites, buildings, and owners, they provided an array of options in an unbiased and professional manner.

At the “nitty gritty” end of developing a facility, Economic Development pulled together individuals from the Statutory Planning and Heritage areas who worked with our team to develop solutions to a range of issues on what is a brilliant but difficult site.

The desire to understand our needs, overcome obstacles, and make the project work for us was a tremendous help.  It also gave us confidence that Geelong was the right place to do business.

The end product is unique in the world of craft brewing and a triumph of collaboration."

...... Nic Trimboli and Howard Cearns (Founders)

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22nd April 2016


Geelong has the right location for your business

  • Land available to meet a diverse range of needs
  • Greater value for money in land costs compared with other major centres
  • Access to comprehensive infrastructure
  • Close to production inputs and supplies
  • Proximity to major markets such as Melbourne
  • A diverse workforce
  • A strong and robust local business environment
  • Local lifestyle that makes it easy to achieve a work-life balance
  • Supportive business community

Geelong has a range of sites, industrial land and premises to meet current and future investment needs. There are a number of existing areas and precincts earmarked for long term development within the municipality.

Existing Employment Precincts

Northern Gateway

Central Geelong

East Geelong & the Bellarine

Southern Corridor